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Organic vs Chemical

The most important part of our skin & hair care routine is choosing the right cosmetic products, that are made specifically for our skin type / needs / issues and made only from ingredients well known to be safe for prolonged application on the skin (tested for many years, by many people and backed up by extensive research).

We must always ensure that the skin and hair care products we use, will not temporarily fix one issue, at the expense of damaging our skin or causing other serious health problems in the long run, because of them containing different synthetic and chemical ingredients, for which there is little / no evidence or research done about the side effects that may appear after a few years, with a prolonged application on our skin.


The ingredients found in all our products are highly popular around the world and have been used for centuries, from cosmetic use to herbal remedies and from treating mild skin conditions to curing infections.

All our products are full of natural & organic goodness and are freshly made to order, eliminating the need of using chemical or synthetic ingredients for a long shelf life.  


In our 100% organic and natural cosmetics range you will find products that are kind to your skin, hair and the earth, being free from genetically modified (GM) ingredients, pesticides, phthalates, SLS, silicone, fragrances, synthetic / chemical ingredients and preservatives ( all our cosmetic products are lightly scented, using only 100% natural and organic essential oils).

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