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3 Tips For Exploring and Embracing Your Pleasure

Updated: May 16, 2023

Have you noticed that sex scenes often portray women as the object of desire rather than the subject of enjoyment? Or that sex education diagrams often leave out the clitoris when explaining female anatomy? Our society has misled women into thinking we do not deserve pleasure and that it is immoral, unacceptable, and wrong of us to enjoy ourselves. It's time we crushed these notions. If you find something relaxing, delicious, enjoyable, orgasmic, or amazing, let yourself be fully present in the moment and free of guilt or assumptions. Here, we'll look at four tips for how to explore and embrace pleasure as a woman.

1. Pleasure Is Your Birthright Pleasure is not something you earn. Pleasure is something you deserve. It is that simple. It is your birthright. Once you embrace the idea that you are entitled to pleasure, it becomes easier to seek out and enjoy emotional, physical, and mental pleasure.

2. Discover What You Deem Pleasurable Along with trying to place limits or restrictions on your pleasure, society also likes to dictate what we should find pleasurable. Generally, society likes to make us think that pricey experiences equal pleasure. Think expensive beauty treatments, foods, or clothes that are supposed to make us feel better about ourselves and enjoy life more. This makes it important to look carefully as what society is trying to convince you is pleasurable versus what you genuinely enjoy.

3. Be Careful of False Pleasures False pleasure is something we have convinced ourselves should be enjoyable. However, these activities lead to depletion and exhaustion rather than relaxation, euphoria, and satisfaction. To determine real vs. false pleasure, consider how you feel before, during, and after an activity. Are you binge watching a tv show, eating even after you are full, or zoning out during sex? Using experiences to numb yourself or escape from life is often something to be careful of. Rather, true pleasure is fulfilling, enjoyable, replenishing, and something you want to be fully present for. It serves as a form of enjoyment, not an escape or numbing mechanism. If you have relied on false pleasures to feel good, that does not mean there is something wrong with you or that you are bad. It is totally normal, and we have all done it. But it does mean there is room for improvement -- and room for more pleasure to be had! So, start paying attention to what you find enjoyable, why you enjoy it, and how you feel afterward.

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