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Our minimalist, abstract and modern mid century thinker sculpture is one of the most appreciated body figurine! You have elegance, style and simplicity in just one shape.

You can't go wrong with this either is a decoration for your home/office/studio or a gift especially because we use jesmonite, not concret or plaster or resin, which is gold in terms of home decorations.


What is jesmonite exactly ? Jesmonite is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster and concrete.With an unbeliveble lightweight, the jesmonite figurine can be mat or glossy (using an 100% organic bees wax sealer that olso offers a waterproof protection) and the pattern variation is endless.Every single piece is luxury & unique. 


Size : H 13.5cm (from head to toe) x L 8cm (from the left side to the right one) x W 4cm (from the front to the bottom)

The Thinker Set Jesmonite Home Decoration

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