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Plant Based Cosmetics

Our Story

Our beauty philosophy is deeply rooted in our director earliest experience as cosmetician. 

She believed cosmetics are way to enhance a woman's beauty, not to conceal it.

'' Treating women faces and bodies I've took the conclusion that we're all different and we all need different attention. I was in a point where I couldn't  find a cream or a serum suitable for everyone's skin.Some might be allergic to an ingredient, some's skin is not compatible , some has a very sensitive skin which only can accept certain products and the list can continue.

In that moment I've realized I need to do something about it and taking all my knowledge I've decided I have a mission. To create an effortless beauty brand suitable and customized for everyone. In 2020 I launched the Yoni Oil ,  my first product , which is still the best seller products from our store. After a while I've developed products for body , face and hair. 

Of course, every product has an original scent and ingredients but as I said, you can change everything. If you are allergic to almond, we can replace all our ingredients with almond and still offer you the same quality product.

I believe we came from the nature so the nature is the key to our health and peace.I want to inspire people to make the right choices for themselves and the planet. You can buy thousands of products from store with different ingredients but all of them has something in common, the chemicals and preservatives. Being greedy for money made the companies wanted to do more profit then good.Organic products are more sustainable and well known for their benefits.Using organic products means you actually have in your hands the purest form of the ingredients not a diluted version mixed with additives.The effects might not be seen straight away but that's because the natural  ingredients works at a different level so that the results last even you stop using that product.

My favorite benefit of this products is that children can use it as well.Due to their organic nature , the products are suitable for pregnant women, elderly,children,men  basically everyone.

I wish to grow this company until all the stores will have a shelf with organic products and all the countries will have access to buy online something like this ''

                                     Maria M. - Director TMC

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